Our laboratory was formed in 2007, in the largest Russian scientific research city, Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk region) located in Siberia. It was a Soviet Union analog of the Silicon Valley created in 1960. We have a wide experience in the various medical fields related to virology as well as biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics & data science.

The company is part of three organizations working in the field of science, located across 3 continents . You can familiarize yourself with our current projects by the following links

https://www.healthmonitor.pro - INNOVATIVE HEALTH-CHECK STATION

HUMAN EXHALATION CONTAINS MORE THAN 750 VOLATILE COMPOUNDS. By measuring the amount, concentration and ratio of gases released during breathing, we can make conclusions about metabolic changes and the presence of disease.

https://hireascientist.com - a freelance platform for researchers and scientific works - AN ECOSYSTEM FOR SCIENCE ENTREPRENEURSHIP